[ENG] Let’s all be a QuarantQueen !

Mar 30, 2020


I know that by the time you’re reading this, you have probably already seen, read, heard, gone through a lot… But this is a “note to self” I thought of sharing.

As it is, we’re all forced to stay confined in our homes but let’s capitalize on this moment! Taking care of yourself only goes a long way

How: Physically & Mentally


  • Exercise
  • Sleep well
  • Eat well
  • Maintain your habits: by organizing your week just like a “normal” work or school day. Now you can replace your outdoor activities by indoor ones i.e.: Reading (you can set some daily/weekly goals, let’s work on those new year resolutions), learning new languages, etc.


 STOP OVER-CONSUMING News Channels, Statistics, related feed, …

DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. IF you don’t know: That’s normal, take some time (now you have it) to brainstorm about it. Whether it is playing video-games, workout, playing on your favorite music instrument, cooking, taking a nap, learning, optimizing & re-arranging whatever you want (your appartment/room/wardrobe, studies/work schedules), painting, navigating on social media with all these ongoing challenges, even Tiktoking, … YOU name it.

Socialize differently:

As human-beings, we like the company of other people, especially our friends and relatives. It is normal to feel bitter about this situation.


NOW more than ever, we have to stick to each other : Virtually ! And fortunately, us millennials are quite used to that, some others don’t. Therefore, not only must we shine by caring but also by being creative and letting them get in into our diverse ways of entertainment, challenges, online games, etc.

Many of you are working remotely with your children around. Keeping up with their education is hard. Nevertheless, remember that some days/weeks ago you were complaining about staying too much hours at your office farther than your family? Cherish these moments. And Stand up, reinvent, imagine.

Expressing blessing, gratitude, care, thanks, love, compassion and appreciation and the list goes on ! I’m grateful these are the company’s organization and my colleagues values as well.

Help as much as you can:

Healthcare people, cashiers, people in agriculture, small businesses and workers we take for granted (i.e. Cleaning staff, homeless people, etc. )

In a nutshell, we have to understand that the government DIDN’T LOCK US DOWS, DIDN’T take our freedom from us… This is all for our health, the public good for God-sake.

We’re not trapped neither in a Black Mirror episode, The Walking Dead, Prison Break nor Apocalypse Now.

We are fighting against a virus. It’s like we were all living in the same forest and it is currently on fire ! Don’t panic, act or better ! We’ll be gaining a lot through these difficult circumstances .. Not only by saving lives but also by changing behaviors and lifestyles !

“United we stand, divided we fall!”

Let’s all be RESPONSIBLE.



© 2020 Salma TOUIRSI

2 Commentaires

  1. Sara

    Excellent article. I can feel the good vibes, the determination and the will to do better.
    This time is indeed an occasion to learn about many things, especially about us.

  2. Trade Vision

    Very nice article with lots of information. Thanks for sharing this one with us.


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